Bon Appétit The Best Mail-Order Thanksgiving Pies Across the Country

Porch Pies was named one of Bon Appetit’s best Mail Order Thanksgiving pies once again! Chosen from over 75 pies, Porch Pies is one of the Nations best mail order pies for the Holidays and all year round.
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Porch Pies and Grantland’s “B.S. Report”

Check out Grantland’s “B.S. Report” to see their new sponsor….PORCH PIES!! Porch Pies is the new sponsor of Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal’s 2014 NFL Degenerate Gambling Preview for Grantland.
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Ventura Blvd

Porch Pies is the best berry pie winner according to Ventura Blvd Magazine!
Porch Pies’ berry pie is the winner of their in-season best berry pie contest. Click here to see Ventura Blvd Magazine’s choice of the berry pie from Porch Pies as the best berry pie.

Daily Candy

Porch Pies is on the Daily Candy best places to eat pies in Los Angeles!
Porch Pies is on Daily Candy’s best places to eat pies in Los Angeles! Click here to see Daily Candy’s choice of the buttermilk chess pie from Porch Pies as the best pie in Los Angeles.


Porch Pies is on the Redbook magazine best store-bought pies list!
Click here to see Porch Pies sweet potato pie on the Redbook magazine “Oh so mouthwatering pie and ice cream combos” list.

Vanity Fair

Porch Pies is on the Vanity Fair Hot Gift list for the 2012 Holidays!
Click here to see Porch Pies Southern pecan pie on The Vanity Fair 2012 Gift Guide.

Food Network

Porch Pies bakes with Giada de Laurentiis on The Food Network’s Holiday Kitchen Takeover!
Click here to watch Robyn of Porch Pies, the Southern pie company, bake with Giada de Laurentiis on The Food Network’s special, “Holiday Kitchen Takeover.”

Chic Mama L.A.

Chic Mama L.A. claims Porch Pies Comes To The Rescue This Holiday Season!
Click here to see Chic Mama L.A. blog how Porch Pies comes to the rescue this holiday season.


Porch Pies owners get a new family kitchen on HGTV’s Holiday Kitchen Takeover with Sabrina Soto and Giada de Laurentiis.
Click here to watch the ‘Porch Pies’ family get a complete kitchen renovation by renowned designer, Sabrina Soto on The HGTV special, “Holiday Kitchen Takeover.”

Hallmark Home & Family

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, chef and founder of Porch Pies, Robyn Poarch stops by to teach you how to spice up your Thanksgiving Pies! Today Robyn shows you one of her more interesting recipes for “Pie Pops.” And later, Mark & Paige dig in to some of Robyn’s pies in a Home & Family pie eating contest!
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Bon Appétit The Best Mail-Order Pies Across the Country

Although she’s based in Southern California, Robyn Poarch makes the kind of Southern pies she grew up baking in Alabama.
Porch Pies – pie shipped nationally and delivered locally in Los Angeles.
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This is buttermilk pie as it should be. The filling is rich, pale, creamy and very sweet, with the faintest tang from the slightly acidic primary ingredient.
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Rayce PR

Porch Pies baked their famous Sissy Pies for The Wedding Party viewing party at Unici Casa. Enjoy these photos by Justine Ungaro and try not to drool!
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The crust was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of flake. Heated just so in the oven, this pie was downright divine.
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Apple Buttermilk Pies (+4.5) over ALL OTHER PIES
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Slice of heaven! Courteney Cox and Vanessa Williams crave this L.A.-based, delivery-only bakery.
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City’s Best – Los Angeles “Pick Up the Best Sweet Potato Pie in L.A.”

Truth — sweet potato pie is sexier than pumpkin pie. Of sugary yams, secret spices and a kick of vanilla cradled together in a buttery crust, it’s a forever-old Southern household tradition.
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Tasting Table

From finicky turkey to the need for a perfectly executed piecrust, Thanksgiving is a meal that requires an impressive set of cooking skills. So if cutting butter into flour for that pie has you fearing a failure, focus on the bird and turn to Robyn Linstroth of Porch Pies for your holiday desserts.
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The Pie Piper – Porch Pies

To most, the fourth Thursday in November is known as Thanksgiving. To you, Any Pie in a Five-Mile Radius Is Mine Day pretty much sums it up.

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Bill Simmons – The Sports Guy

“The Buttermilk Porch Pie from is the single greatest pie in the history of pies.”

Former Alabamian Robyn Poarch now sells her Porch Pies to celebrities in Los Angeles

Robyn Poarch wasn’t always the pie maker to the stars. Growing up in Birmingham and Montgomery, the daughter of a Church of Christ minister, she learned baking from her mother and grandmother.

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