Our Story

I grew up in the Deep South, and part of my upbringing was learning my family’s heirloom recipes to cherish and pass down to my children one day. Some of my most precious memories are of my mother and grandmother guiding my hands as I learned how temperamental and delicate pie crusts can be. In my family, a perfect pie crust is a rite of passage.

Church picnics, school bazaars, family holidays and everyday meals honed the skills passed down to me from the southern ladies of my family, church and community.

In the late 1990’s, I was married and living in New York City, worlds away from my life in Alabama. However, I would still bake pies for dinners, holidays and as gifts for friends. It didn’t take long before I began getting requests… and then orders. Before I knew it, I had a small business on my hands – Porch Pies was born and I loved it!

Today, living in Los Angeles with my family, I continue to bake the pies of my southern grandmothers and am delighted to introduce to y’all our little pie company – Porch Pies. We’ll deliver some southern sweetness to your home… and we just feel sure y’all will come back!

Robyn Poarch