What is a Chess Pie?

Chess pies are uniquely southern. Why are they called “chess” pies? Well, one explanation suggests that the word was originally “chest,” but when pronounced with a drawl, became “chess” and was used to describe these pies that could be stored in a pie chest rather than an icebox because their sweetness naturally preserved them. Its texture is somewhere between a custard and a cheesecake.

How are your pies made?

Made from scratch, hand rolled and baked with love! Each pie is a taste of the deep South and is made from our family’s heirloom recipes passed down from generations of grandmothers and great aunts.

Does Porch Pies deliver in Los Angeles?

Porch Pies are pick up only @ Big Sugar Bakeshop. Please call (818) 508-5855 to reserve your pie. * (Local Pies are subject to availability).

Our pies tend to sell out, so please call as far in advance as possible to reserve your pie.

Questions about our Pies:

Can I freeze your products?

Yes! Our pies are great in the Fridge for up to 5 days, or they can be frozen for up to 3 months! Place the pie in an airtight container (freezer bag), seal, and place in the freezer. When ready to eat pull out and place on the counter till the pie returns to room temperature.

My Chocolate Chess pie looks cracked, is it still good?

Don’t worry if your Chocolate Chess pie is cracked on the top. It cooks like a brownie and that is how this delicate dessert is supposed to look.

I don’t see my favorite pie on your menu. What do I do?

Pie is Love…and we love pie! So, if you are interested in receiving a pie that is not on our menu please contact us.

Special Events
Yes, we would love to cater yours!